The Sacral Chakra

May 7, 2009


The Sanskrit name is Swadhisthana, which literally translates as ‘one’s own place or base’. It is also known as the sexual or spleen chakra and is orange in colour.

This chakra is about allowing emotional and sensual movement in our life, opening to pleasure and learning to go with the flow. It is related to the element of water, physically represented by circulation, menstruation, urination, orgasm and tears. Water moves, flows and changes and a healthy sacral chakra allows us to do this too.

It is located in the lower abdomen, a couple of inches below the navel, and is associated with the reproductive organs (testes, prostate, womb, ovaries and genitals), the kidney and urinary system, the spleen, the lower back and the lower intestine. It is also associated with the sense of taste, as this chakra is affected by physical pleasure such as food and sex.

The sacral chakra relates to the developmental age of 3/5 – 8 years as it is associated with issues around learning to relate to others  and exploration – having established the self, the child must now learn about relationship dynamics and how to express themselves in an empowered way in the external world. If a child is raised in an overly restrictive environment where exploration is not permitted,  emotions are repressed or pleasure is denied – or conversely, an environment where there’s a constant need for pleasurable stimulation or frequent emotional drama; if the parents have unresolved sexuality issues or substance abuse problems; or if the child is neglected or abused, then there is more likely to be recurring sacral chakra problems throughout life.

The sacral chakra is affected by thoughts and feelings about physical pleasure, creativity, sexuality, sensuality, intimacy, your body, relationships and basic emotional needs.

If your sacral chakra is clean and balanced, then your feelings will flow freely and are expressed without you being overly emotional. You have a high level of emotional intelligence –  you know and experience self-awareness, are very centred, love and trust yourself, have a positive self image and inner security, and are confident yet  maintain a balanced ego.  You feel positive about your body and will have graceful, flowing movements, and will positively express your creativity and your ability to experience pleasure. In relating to others, you are empathic, compassionate, warm and friendly and have healthy boundaries. You are open to intimacy, can be passionate and lively and have no issues around your sexuality. If you are in a relationship, it is because you want to be, not because you need to be.  If  your partner also has a healthy sacral chakra, then you will have a sense of having known each other forever and will feel like true soulmates, experiencing a deep spiritual passion along with sexual/sensual fulfilment.

However, if this chakra is blocked (underactive), then you may suffer from the following:

Situational problems: no power over what happens to you sexually, resulting in you being used and abused; being in relationships where you are manipulated and controlled, or feeling so insecure that you need to manipulate others to establish control; feeling victimised by your circumstances, such as race, colour or sex; a need for constant entertainment; over indulgence in food, sweets and chocolate, alcohol or drugs, or unsatisfying sexual activity.

Psychological/emotional problems: rigid in body and attitudes; stress and worry about your body; stiff and unemotional; shy and lacking in self-confidence; poor social skills, yet may find it hard to be alone; need for constant reassurance due to a sense of inadequacy; overly dependent on the opinion of others; insecure and jealous; indecisive; overly sensitive; fear of change; excessive boundaries; fear of sex and childbirth; lack of desire, passion and excitement; denial of pleasure; immobilised by fear; burdened by guilt; avoiding, controlling or ignoring your feelings to the point of disconnecting from the sensual altogether and living life in your head.

Physical problems: gynaecological disorders, fertility issues, period pains and problems during pregnancy and childbirth; prostate trouble; cystitis and urinary system disorders; kidney disorders; sexual diseases and dysfunction – impotence, premature ejaculation, low libido, anorgasmia; lower back pain and sciatica; addictions; eating disorders; lower intestine problems.

If the sacral chakra is too open (overactive), you will be ruled by excessively strong emotions, manifesting as hysteria, bi-polar mood swings and classic drama queen and crisis junkie behaviour. You may also have a sexual addiction, viewing others merely as sexual objects, behaving in an overly sexual manner and using seductive manipulation to try and fulfil your needs. Overactive sacral chakras can result in poor boundaries, and you can become emotionally dependent on others, or develop obsessive attachments. You may also suffer from other addictions related to pleasure (food, drink, drugs etc) and become overly obsessed with your own physical body.

The sacral chakra is the yin to the root chakra’s yang – the feminine principles of movement, flexibility and flow complementing the masculine principles of survival, stability and grounding; and the biological sexual function of the root chakra contrasting with the sexual intimacy of the sacral chakra as a form of communication, mutual comfort and nurturing. All the even-numbered chakras – the sacral, the heart and the third eye – are concerned with feminine qualities of relaxation and openness, whilst the odd-numbered chakras are concerned with masculine qualities of assertion, striving and achievement. In today’s society, the masculine energy of action and expression too often overrules the feminine energy of wisdom and acceptance, an imbalance which causes stress in our lives and results in an over-emphasis on the work ethic at the expense of enjoyment and relaxation. If we can correct this imbalance in ourselves and honour both masculine and feminine energies equally, then not only will we improve our holistic well-being, but in our own way we will also be contributing to the balance of these energies in the wider world.

chakra 2

Tomorrow – the solar plexus chakra.



  1. This is perfect. Thank you! I needed to read about this.


  2. This helped me in understander the sacral chakra in a greater sense – thank you!

  3. understanding…*

    • Thank you, Jonathon, so glad it helped 🙂

      Warmest wishes

  4. Thank you so much, i get a lot of understanding from this, and now i can maybe evolve, transform in a more efficient way, cause i understand better the root of loads of my problems. blessings

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