The Solar Plexus Chakra

May 8, 2009


The Sanskrit name is Manipura, meaning ‘lustrous gem’ or ‘city of jewels’. It is the colour yellow.

It is the solar plexus chakra which gives us the energy to turn the desire from the sacral chakra into action. This chakra is the centre of your intellect, inner knowing and personal power and gives you the ability to stay true to your life purpose. It is associated with the element of fire as it is the seat of  the ‘fire’ in the body, also known as the chi or life force. The element of fire also brings comfort and warmth when balanced, but fear and terror when out of control.

It is located in the area of the solar plexus, halfway between your navel and your ribcage and is associated with the digestive system – digestion and metabolism – the stomach, the liver, the gallbladder, the pancreas, the spleen and the kidney. It also has associations with the skin and the breath, and our sense of sight and perception.

The solar plexus chakra relates to the developmental age of 8-12 years as it is associated with issues relating to the ego and the personality which develops during puberty. It rules your self-direction, self-control, self- and other respect, personal will and physical energy. This is the intuitive chakra where we develop our gut instincts – but only if we are able to develop at our own pace with appropriate parental guidance and ultimately develop enough self-esteem to have faith in our own inner guidance. If the child is shamed or has inherited shame from the parent; if the environment is authoritarian, dangerous or volatile with physical abuse, domination of will or fear of punishment; or if the child is given age inappropriate responsibilities, then this could result in recurring third chakra problems throughout life.

It is affected by thoughts and feelings about power and control, our mental understanding of our emotional life and our sense of perception and belonging.

If your solar plexus is balanced and clean, you will have a strong sense of your personal power and have the ability to accept responsibility for yourself whilst assuming personal authority over your life. You will have high self-esteem and inner strength, will enjoy clarity of mind and strong intuition, have a deeply fulfilling emotional life and be outgoing and sociable in the world. You will be full of vitality and energy, joy and abundance and able to freely express love, happiness and passion, as you have trust in your own feelings. You will be spontaneous, willing to take risks and face challenges, but will also be reliable and self-disciplined. You will have found your unique gift and will express this through your work with skill and intelligence, giving you pleasure and fulfilment. You will feel at peace with yourself and the world around you, but will have a strong sense of right and wrong and will feel justifiably angry when abused, which you will express assertively. You will also be cheery, playful,  warm, have a great sense of humour and a life filled with laughter.

However if this chakra is blocked (underactive) then we may suffer from the following:

Situational problems: co-dependant relationships; addiction to stimulants; attracting situations where you become a victim; dealing with the fear and destructive tendencies of others; failing to live your own truth and honour your true self; a pattern of denying self whilst giving to others due to a fear of not being loved; being controlled by the expectations of others; irresponsibility re: your commitments and finances; child or spousal abuse.

Psychological/emotional problems: depressed; victim mentality, blaming others, fear that others are trying to overpower or control you; low self-esteem and lack of confidence; unable to make decisions, worrying about what others may think, taking actions based on the belief that pleasing others is more important than pleasing yourself and needing constant reassurance; jealous, mistrustful, insecure; fear of rejection, disapproval or abandonment; weak will, poor self-discipline, easily manipulated, passive, unreliable; over-sensitivity to criticism, fears about self-image, fears that ‘guilty secrets’ may be discovered by others; fear of change; blocked emotions or only feeling superficial emotions or negative ones such as panic and anxiety; emotionally and physically cold; suppressed anger; a sense of emptiness.

Physical problems: digestive disorders; eating disorders; colitis; food allergies; ulcers; hypoglycaemia; diabetes; chronic fatigue; disorders of the stomach, liver (cirrhosis, hepatitis) pancreas and gallbladder; excessive weight in solar plexus area; loss of appetite; vision problems; headaches; skin rashes; breathing difficulties.

If this chakra is too open (overactive), you may be power hungry and ruled by ambition (Type ‘A’ personality), workaholic, competitive, overly intellectual, perfectionist; judgemental, narrow-minded; intimidating, overbearing, insensitive, bullying, temper tantrums and violent outbursts; self-centred, narcissistic ,arrogant, feeling superior to others, overly concerned with status; stubbornness, manipulative, deceitful, easily irritated, angry (using anger to cover pain), filled with hate; sexually inhibited, emotionally cold, unable to relax, attracted to sedatives.

The name solar plexus is apt for if this chakra is clean and balanced, then it will feel as though inner sunshine is radiating within the core of ourselves.

solar plexus chakra

On Monday – the heart chakra.



  1. I like what you’ve done here – a lot of hard work and late nights no doubt!

  2. Wow. I have never read something so spot on. I don’t have anything truly to reference your material to other than how I feel and what resonates. And even with this in mind, I feel very confident in your words. I am so happy to have read this because it confirms what I have been feeling.

    Thank you for sharing this. Really appreciate it.

    • Thank you, Raj! What a truly lovely comment – it’s so wonderful to hear that my words have made a difference to someone, it makes it all worthwhile. Thank you for your support – much appreciated.

      Warmest wishes


  3. Wonderful post. I know I need to work on this area. I struggle with major self-esteem issues. Thank you for this post!

    • Thank you, Nicole, so glad it resonated with you 🙂

      Warmest wishes

  4. Peace and Light..

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