The Third Eye Chakra

May 13, 2009


The Sanskrit name is Ajna, meaning ‘to perceive’ or ‘to command’ – it is here that we achieve insight and wisdom, allowing us to perceive the constricting patterns we have created in the past and free ourselves from them, so we can finally take command of our life.

The third eye chakra is also known as the brow chakra and is the colour indigo. Indigo is a popular colour in New Age circles as it is the colour of spiritual attainment, self-mastery and wisdom.

This chakra is located between the eyebrows and it governs the pineal and pituitary glands, the brain, the eyes, the ears and the nose.

The element associated with the third eye chakra is light, as here we finally see – or perceive – the ‘light’. It is also associated with radium, a luminescent element, as radium has a high vibrational rate and brings  power as well as light,  symbolising the meeting of light and spirit in matter. It is also related to the sense of sight due to its association with seeing deeply and perception.

The developmental age should be between 21 and 26 years – early adulthood – but most people don’t actually reach this level of awareness (if it all) until in their 40s or 50s. From a very young age, our intuitive or psychic experiences are invalidated, education, science and rational thought seems to take precedence over the spiritual – and we’re often given information by our ‘elders and betters’ that doesn’t tally with what we’re actually seeing. When our third eye opens, we are able to overcome these restrictions and revisit the dreams we had when we were young – with the advantage of now being grounded by our root chakra, ensuring our security. Living in both the spiritual and physical planes helps us to see life in a whole new – and very  deep and meaningful – way.

The third eye chakra is the centre of our higher intuition, where you can tune into your higher self and receive guidance. This chakra inspires the awakening of our consciousness and is our avenue to wisdom, where we learn from our past experiences and put them into perspective. This is also where manifestation occurs – where we take our creative visions for the future and turn them into reality.

It is affected by thoughts and feelings about the past, the future and our spiritual beliefs.

When the third eye chakra is balanced and clean, you will recognise that living and learning are synonymous, and will benefit from the wisdom of all your past experiences whilst no longer being blocked by them. You will be intuitive, perceptive, wise, imaginative and telepathic. You will have increased empathic powers and be able to pick up on both the subtle and obvious energy fields of others. You will have a good memory, good dream recall and are able to think symbolically and visualise past and future. You will be the master of yourself, able to receive guidance, not be attached to material things and no longer feel you need another person to complete you. When the energy is flowing freely through this chakra, you will experience spontaneous spiritual awakening, profound insights, meaning and clarity in your life,  and understanding and no fear of death. You will gain healing abilities, for the benefit of yourself and others. You will also gain the discipline of detachment, becoming so personally empowered that you are able to interact in every situation in your life, contributing the highest degree of insight and wisdom without needing to control the outcome of events.

However, when the third eye chakra is blocked, you may suffer from the following:

Psychological/emotional problems: lacking in discipline, non-assertive, fear of success, denial (inability to see what’s really going on); unable to think for yourself, preferring to rely on external authorities; oversensitive, overly intellectual; poor memory, poor imagination, poor visualisation; unable to recognise patterns or see the bigger picture; unwillingness to learn from your life experiences, leading you to blame others for all that is wrong with your life, and continually repeating the same painful and difficult learning situations; unable to follow through the creative ideas you have, projecting frustrations onto others and suffering from  jealousy or insecurity over others’ creative abilities; being dismissive of your own spiritual experiences, fear of using intuitive abilities, difficulty seeing the future; staying imprisoned by lower energies whilst abusing any higher powers you may have gained.

Physical problems: neurological difficulties, brain tumour, haemorrhage, stroke; mental illness, schizophrenia (unable to distinguish between ego self and higher self), depression; bad eyesight, conjunctivitis, blindness; psychic exhaustion.

If it is too open (overactive), you may have excessive pride, be egotistical, manipulative, authoritarian, cynical, rigid or unforgiving. You may also spend most of your time living in a fantasy world, suffer from delusions, hallucinations, nightmares and obsessions and have difficulty concentrating. You may also be spiritually arrogant and be in denial about reality.

With a healthy third eye chakra, we are now in the realms of the intangible, where we can learn how to follow the nudges the universe gives us through symbols and synchronisations, dreams and visions, to keep us on our intended path. Life flows in an amazing way and our journey is much more enjoyable when we remain open to the flow of spirit.

The qualities of the third eye chakra also reflect the ethos of Empathic Guidance – gaining wisdom from our past, manifesting our vision for the future, healing ourselves and others and following the guidance of  our higher selves to find inner peace.


Tomorrow – the crown chakra.


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