The Chakras – a final summary

May 15, 2009

I hope you’ve enjoyed my series on the seven major chakras. I’ve pulled together various pieces of research to try and offer a comprehensive overview of each chakra, and in the process demonstrate the importance of having a totally balanced system. Focussed on enlightenment, many people seeking higher consciousness have disregarded the importance of the lower chakras, yet we all need the strong and solid support of our base chakras in order to open to the spiritual in a healthy and integrated way. The lower chakras focus on matters such as our  security, our personal relationships and our basic emotions, while the upper chakras develop perspective and wisdom that help us understand the grand order of the universe. All of our chakras affect one another and ultimately work together. As we learn to use the chakra system to understand our lives, we can gain insight into personal issues that require our attention, and use this insight to bring our chakras and lives back into balance.

In The Healing Handbook, Tara Ward summarises how a system of balanced chakras might manifest itself in our lives:

Let us now take a look at what happens if all the chakras are open and functioning fully:

You enjoy all of your physical, day-to-day life, you have a strong will to live and feel well-grounded in the present, appreciating your strong physical energy and vitality. (root)

You enjoy relating to people, you have a fulfilling sexual relationship/you appreciate sensuality, you are aware of your sexual strength and drive and enjoy its presence. (sacral)

You have a great sense of belonging, you have an expressive emotional life which creates mental satisfaction and fulfilment rather than worry.(solar plexus)

You have a strong capacity for loving others and are not judgmental or discriminatory in that expression, you feel connected with unconditional love to everyone and everything. (heart)

You have reached the stage in life where you no longer blame others for your own difficulties in life, you have reached fulfilment in your professional life, you go out and create what you want rather than relying on others, and live with truth and integrity. (throat)

Your spiritual concepts are fully formulated and you can ‘see’ universal truth and understand where you fit into that plan and then carry out your work accordingly. (third eye)

Your earthly personality has fused with all spiritual knowledge, you experience a state of bliss generally unknown to human experience and you ‘know’ divine law without question or confusion. (crown)

This is what is meant by holistic health – enjoying and appreciating every single facet of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and resonating freely and fully with everyone and everything around you. The process to accomplishing this may take a little while, but it is not the process of curing something in spiritual healing which is important, it is the process through which you cure and what you learn which will change your energy and enable to enjoy every aspect of your life more fully.

And here’s the final word from a wonderful book on the chakras and how they can help us heal – The Rainbow Journey by Dr Brenda Davies.

Enlightenment: This is a never-ending, ever-expanding, never to be completed, amazingly wonderful state that we can touch and explore, but that few of us will ever conquer in this lifetime. Yet it’s the state for which we are ever striving even before we’re aware that we’re doing so….. Here at the end of the (chakra) rainbow, there’s no pot of gold …the gold was all the way along the journey. You’re more whole, more healthy, more real, more loved and loving. You’re more open and have new (or rather have redeveloped old) skills and have left behind much that troubled you. You’ve offloaded old grief, pain and resentment, found a better way to live which has love at its heart, both human and celestial, and you know too much ever to go back to where you were.

But there’s always more to know. More to explore, more to discover. And that’s how it needs to be.


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