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Ten Signs of Awakening

July 7, 2012

How do you do it and how will you know?

Awakening can be sudden or gradual – sometimes it happens as the result of a trauma or upheaval in our lives, other times it happens entirely spontaneously with no obvious trigger. You just know that life, the Universe and everything appear very different and that the truth about all this is perhaps not the same as the story you’ve been told by your parents, your teachers, your peers, society etc. However your awakening occurs though, you can guarantee you’re in for a bit of a bumpy ride.

But why is such a wonderful life-changing experience seemingly beset with difficulties?

It’s due to the healing and shedding of our ‘stuff’ which is a necessary part of the process, to make ourselves a clear channel for the Universal Energy (akin to what Jung termed the ‘collective consciousness’, though perhaps more amazing than even he realised) which is the most powerful – but underused – resource in the universe.

Pain is also a good indicator that something in our lives is out of balance and needs to change. Like the pain we feel in our physical selves to alert us to potential damage to our bodies, emotional and psychological pain alerts us to those areas in our lives which need healing so that we can tune into the energy of the Universe and of our own authentic soul-selves, instead of having our signal distorted by the chatter of egos – our own and those around us.

The process of awakening has a number of emotional, psychological, physical, spiritual and social implications, which are listed below (with some links for further reading if you’re interested in finding out more):

1) You see the bigger picture on a personal and global level.  And become very clear about where we’ve lost our way and what needs to be done about it. This can create feelings of anger, frustration and despair as we feel overwhelmed by the magnitude of the task which seems to stand before us. If you feel this way, remind yourself that you may only be one person, but you are still powerful enough to create great change – think of the ripple effect. Your efforts will reach way further than you can possibly even imagine. Just follow the path which together the Universe and your soul are leading you towards – the path of your true life purpose.

2) You feel good in your own skin and enjoy solitude and leading an authentic, uncomplicated life. And you become aware that to feel like this on a more constant basis, you need to ditch your baggage to discover and strengthen the authentic core you.  (There are five parts to this article)

3) You recognise that inner peace can only come from within, not without.  Once you recognise this you begin to lose your unhealthy attachments to material things and to people.

4) Due to the mindbody connection, you may also experience unusual physical symptoms. Often repressed feelings get stuffed into parts of our body. Use the ‘bodyscan’ to keep yourself in tune with your physical and emotional self. (The ‘bodyscan’ is a straightforward exercise where you simply mentally  scan through your body and verbalise what is going on in there, and why you feel it might be happening eg churning in stomach area (solar plexus chakra) due to power issues; menstrual difficulties (sacral chakra) due to relationship issues; pain in left hand side due to problems with your feminine energy or a female in your life, and so on.)

5) You begin to understand how our energy systems affect us all. The basic seven chakra system (mentioned in point 4) is a really good place to start if you want to find out more about how you and the world operate.

6) You become a clearer channel for Universal Energy. This is due to simplifying your life and digging beneath the layers to reach your authentic core so your energy is no longer blocked by your ‘stuff’. Try the ‘white light’ breathing exercise to increase your connection. (Visualise  white light (universal energy)pouring into your crown, flowing through every cell of your body and into the ground, then back up round your body and out of your crown again. Do this any time during the day to keep the connection fresh and clear.)

7) You become increasingly uncomfortable around lower vibrating energy. And therefore find it harder to be around certain people. You will feel repelled by anyone who is ‘toxic ‘ to your energy. If possible, simply choose not to be around them. If there are people you have to interact with, then at least minimise contact and try the shielding exercise to protect you during that time. (Visualise yourself protected and surrounded by a cloud of white light – again you can do this any time of day, quickly and easily, and can add to it too, by visualising drops of whilte light feeding into it. There’s no limit to how big the cloud can be so keep feeding it!)

8) You become intolerant of lower vibrating and overstimulating environments. In particular, environments you know to be embodiments of the wrong path. Because of this, you may also find yourself increasingly avoiding the media, especially certain news items.

9) You crave a more healthy, serene and compassionate lifestyle. You recognise how the mindbody connection works and begin to take care of your body as you appreciate it as your means to interact with the Universe. Bad habits fall away as your fears diminish and you may want to live and work in a different place. Increased empathy may also mean a vegetarian and more eco-friendly lifestyle too.

10) You start noticing nudges from the Universe. One of the fun aspects of waking up! As you become a clearer channel for the Universal Energy, you begin to receive messages from the Universe to nudge you in the right direction. These can take a number of forms, such as:
Signs and symbols


On Being An Empath (part two)

May 30, 2012

Part Two – The Delights

Empathy: the state of identification of personalities in which one person feels into the other as temporarily to lose his or her own identity. It is in this profound and somewhat mysterious process of empathy that understanding, influence, and the other significant relations between persons take place.  – Rollo May

In part one of “On Being An Empath” we examined the difficulties of being an empath. In this second part, we’ll now explore how to take care of yourself once you’ve recognised you’re an empath, and the delights which being an empath can bring.


Now you’ve recognised that you’re an empath, the most important change you can make is to take care of yourself by minimising the number of negative influences in your life. As discussed in part one, as an empath you are susceptible to the detrimental effects of negative energy, whether it’s surrounding energy or your own.

This susceptibility affects your life in a number of ways. Firstly, you will be unable to tolerate an unhealthy relationship at any level. Some people are able to exist in such a relationship for many years, perhaps by operating as though it were simply a business arrangement, but as an empath you are unable to do this. Indeed, if you do attempt to follow this course of action, you will end up becoming physically, emotionally or mentally sick – I have know more than one empath who has become suicidal when stuck in a loveless marriage. I have also known other empaths who have ended up becoming completely numb – unable to cope with the negative energy, they simply cut themselves off from ALL energy and feel nothing at all. What a horrible (non) existence. Consequently, the aware empath would rather remain single than be in a negative relationship.

You will also be unable to tolerate work which is meaningless – what Barry Jaeger in Making Work Work for the Highly Sensitive Person calls ‘Drudgery’. Though many people are able to tolerate a dull job purely for the money, you are not one of them and if you make such a sacrifice, you will ultimately pay for it with your emotional, spiritual and physical health. The aware empath values their time, their well-being and meaningful work far more than they value money and consumer goods. Sadly, our society revolves around the masculine principles of economics whilst the more feminine attribute of empathy is often derided and neglected. And whoever dreamt up the work ethic certainly did not have people like us in mind – and was definitely not an empath.

The empath’s preference for meaningful work means that you will find many of us working in creative fields – the writer, the musician and the artist will often have this trait to some degree. Creativity is food for the soul for the empath and I personally find it vital to my well-being to use creativity in my work. I’ve done many jobs over the years but this is the only work I’ve truly enjoyed – even the more stressful and tedious aspects are easier to cope with when your work means something more to you than just a way of paying the bills.

As an empath, you will also benefit from periods of solitude to recuperate after any energy bombardment. In part one I discussed the difficulties for the empath of being in an urban environment. As I’ve got older (and empaths often become more sensitive to energies the older they become) I find that if I spend the day in a nearby town, I can only last a few hours before I have to get the hell out of there.

I also used to have what I call ‘brain in the jar’ moments. Before I recognised my trait, I would spend too much time amongst other people and become so overwhelmed, that it literally felt as if my head would explode. I would also find myself becoming overwhelmed by stressful situations or issues in my life. Whenever I felt like this, I would comment that I wished I could ‘take my brain out of my head and put it in a jar’, as a way of giving myself a break. At some subconscious level, obviously I knew what I needed – complete and utter sensory rest.

Fortunately I eventually recognised this need so I now make sure that I regularly recharge my own energy by spending time alone, meeting my need for time to contemplate, read, write and generally take care of myself – and my ‘brain in the jar’ moments no longer occur. I also realised that, for the same reasons, empaths need more sleep than most people. If you have commitments such as work and family, this can be easier said than done, but at least try and take half an hour to nap or lie in a dark, quiet room during the course of the day to revitalise yourself.  Some empaths are so unable to cope with energy onslaughts that they become recluses or hermits, but for most of us there is no need to go to this extreme, although time spent in retreat for a few days can be a positive thing now and again. This can be particularly useful for urban empaths, as time out in a tranquil rural environment can really give you a boost as well as indulge your passion for nature, which occurs naturally for many empaths.

Finding a pastime which absorbs you is also a good way of giving yourself a break. My personal favourite used to be jigsaws – you’ll find that  ‘geeky’ pastimes like model-making or stamp collecting are particularly good for this, as are creative pursuits such as gardening, painting, sculpting, or cookery. So long as it takes you out of your conscious mind for a while to give you time to balance your energy, any pastime you choose will do.

Basically then, the rule is to be your own best friend – take care of yourself, eat and sleep well and give yourself little treats now and again. Time spent relaxing with a good book in a local friendly coffee shop is my idea of bliss and is a really cheap and simple way to give yourself a lift and recharge your batteries. And remember to talk kindly to yourself – empaths tend to analyse everything and can end up being hypercritical of themselves. Whenever you catch yourself judging yourself harshly, ask yourself ‘Would I speak like this to my best friend? Would I tolerate my best friend saying this stuff to me?’ If not, then perhaps you need to reconsider.

Ultimately, self care is crucial. The more you nurture yourself, the more you will be open to the following benefits of being an empath.


Because of your high level of resonance, you will probably be tuned into the ‘universal energies’ or what Jung called the collective unconscious. This gives you a deep sense of knowing – you just ‘know’ things despite there being no rational explanation as to how you know – as well as a strong feeling of connection, which can lead to the spiritual belief that separation is an illusion and ‘we are all one’. This connection and knowing also opens us up to the ‘universal guidance’ which is contained within these energies, which is why many empaths are natural problem solvers, able to resolve any issue which they put their hearts, souls and minds into.

I mentioned in part one how my daughter and I are so close that as soon as we’re in each others energy range, I start to feel her physical symptoms. This energetic connection with others, often referred to as telepathy, is one of the fun aspects of being an empath. As well as those little tricks which many of us do such as thinking about someone just as they call you, or bumping into someone you haven’t seen in years the day after you thought about them, you may also find yourself connecting energetically with people in other less obvious ways. I find that I often tune into people I’m close to through my dreams, perhaps because my mind is more relaxed and therefore more receptive. For instance, if my daughter wakes before me in the morning and reads a book, I often have a dream which reflects the contents of that book in some way. A recent example was a dream I had about Glastonbury music festival one morning shortly before I woke. When I asked P what she had been reading, it turned out that there was a character in her book that had the nick-name ‘Glastonbury’! Even more bizarrely, I have even on occasion had the same dream as my daughter or my partner.

I also have prophetic dreams which you can read about in my blog entry The Magical World of Dreams. Empaths are often fascinated by dreams and we are natural dream analysts, due to our ability to see the deeper meaning in things and make lateral links using subtle details. This ability also works in the waking world too and helps us to interpret signs, symbols and archtypes, as well as synchronicities. Aware empaths delight in synchronicities and as our understanding of ourselves and our connection to the universe grows, we find that the universal guidance which appears in the form of synchronicities becomes ever more fluent and clear. You can read more about synchronicities in my blog entry So What Is Synchronicity?


The aware empath is often described by others as ‘a beacon of light’. You will find that people are drawn to you and babies in particular will adore you – I often notice little children staring and smiling at me from their pushchairs when I’m out and about.

A similar thing can happen with animals. Empaths have a deep connection to animals and love to be around their energies. You may even find you prefer their company to that of people, as you feel animals – and their energies – are simpler and don’t have an agenda. Perhaps those ‘crazy cat ladies’ who prefer to live alone surrounded by felines are actually misunderstood empaths.

As an empath, you will also be able to resonate with the emotions of animals and unlike most people, you will view them as sentient beings who should have the same rights as humans. Because of this, many empaths become vegetarian or vegan at some point in their lives.

As far as people go, the empath makes a great friend for life, as we are loyal, warm and, humorous as well as very loving and affectionate. We are also good listeners, who are unembarrassed by strong emotion as well as being pretty much unshockable. However a healthy empath will have no tolerance for drama queens who seek attention through emotional behaviour. Though we are highly expressive about our feelings and ourselves, with the ability to share openly and honestly, we are also natural peacemakers, so prefer calm discussions to overwrought emotional spectacles or aggressive confrontations.

If you befriend an empath, then they will probably be your greatest champion. Empaths recognise your inner potential, so are able to identify your positive attributes and will remind you of your strengths when you forget you have them. (Paradoxically though, they often find it hard to take a compliment themselves.) They may also subtly alert you to any negative patterns in your life in a helpful and non-patronising way, as your empath friend has the ability to sift through all the confusing emotions you are experiencing which may be clouding the issue, to help you achieve clarity and find the root cause of your problem. And should they ever feel angry with you, you can rest assured that they will express this without attacking you personally – empaths are not judgmental and they recognise that just because a particular behaviour is bad, it does not mean that the person is bad too.


Being an empath means you have the ability to sense the truth behind someone’s facade. You intuitively know when someone is attempting to mask a negative emotion. One theory is that when we are in the presence of an emotion we have personally experienced, we recognise it and feel it within ourselves, due to our high level of internal resonance. The empath is also able to read body language, mostly at a subconscious level – you will pick up on things like tone of voice, body movements, the words people choose when they speak, the words they avoid, the logic they use – all factors which help you to tune into others and know things about them which other people probably miss. This also makes you very difficult to lie to! Not only are you able to detect a lie, you can also tell whether the intent behind that lie is malicious and selfish, or whether it’s a white lie, told in an attempt to protect someone else.

Empaths are also highly expressive themselves. They project an incredible amount of energy releasing their emotions, with many gesticulations, and as they are so open about themselves, the empath is usually the person of whom it is said that you can ‘read them like a book’. We also delight in using our bodies in a sensual way – empaths can literally become ‘lost in music’ when they dance, their bodies becoming one with the music to create one wonderful mass of  flowing, sensual energy.


As you become aware of your empathy, you will recognise more and more how sensitive this makes you to the energies around you. The fact is that as an empath, energy is literally absorbed by you far more easily than more thick-skinned folk (hence the expression) so by increasing your awareness, you will be able to be more selective about which energies you allow yourself to absorb. This also means you will be able to experience a high level of resonance with another, without being overwhelmed by a multitude of outside influences.

When you have achieved this level of balance and awareness, you will find that all your empathic qualities as discussed above – your deep inner knowing, your connection to the universal energies and so on – make you a natural healer and counsellor. Indeed, for an empath a good way of sublimating the energy we talked about in part one – which attracts the energy vampires and lame ducks – and drawing boundaries around your own propensity to give of yourself to others, is to channel it into training in a helping or healing profession.

Being counselled by an empath is an amazing and life-changing experience. After just a few hours of conversation, you will feel as if the empath knows you inside out. This is due to the afore-mentioned ability for high emotional resonance, which allows the empath to tune into your energy and emotional state, giving them an uncanny ability to pinpoint what you most need and want. They will also ask the questions others may be afraid to ask – if you’re willing to face up to some possibly uncomfortable truths about yourself and your life and recognise your negative self-destructive patterns in order to grow and be true to the real you, then working with an empath will change your life.  An empath will not shy away from talking about feelings of loss either, and will help you to gain perspective on your issue as well as heal from emotional wounds, past and present.

In addition to helping you to heal, the empath will point out strengths and abilities you perhaps never realised you had. Personal empowerment is very important to the empath so they will always respect your courage and sense of determination to survive and will trust in your ability to heal and take care of yourself. All this creates a very safe environment with a high level of trust and a strong intimacy. The relationship between an empath and their client is more than just a business transaction – an authentic and caring relationship will be formed between you as the empath helps you to be your best self and to live the truth of who that best self is.

Empaths may also find themselves being drawn to other types of healing work directly involving energy, such as Reiki. With our natural ability to tune into the universal energy, learning to channel this energy through ourselves to help others is a path which many empaths naturally gravitate towards.

I do hope this article has helped you to understand your trait a little better. If you feel that anything here resonates with you, do please leave a comment – I would love to hear from you!


What goes on in an Empathic Guidance session? Pt.1: A client reveals all…

March 7, 2011

Recently I’ve been working with a wonderful young man called Matt who I first encountered on Twitter. Matt went through an awakening experience back in July 2006 and after going through the ‘dark night of the soul’ which so often follows an awakening, he transitioned quite naturally to a more authentic and positive place. However, he still felt that there were a couple of areas which he needed to gain clarity in and so to this end, he put out a request to the Universe for a coach or mentor who might be able to assist him on his journey of discovery.

I was more than happy to oblige and have been working with Matt now for several weeks. I have to say that his positivity and enthusiasm for the work we do is infectious and I really enjoy our weekly Skype conversations. And as is always the way of these things, I feel I’m probably learning as much through him as he is through me!

As part of his learning curve, Matt is documenting his progress and part of this involves writing about our Empathic Guidance sessions. Here is the first of these which he published on his own website and which I thought may be of interest to anyone considering investing in a few Empathic Guidance sessions themselves. This particular session focussed on a dream which Matt had – we discussed this during the hour then I added further insights in the follow-up notes which I always send after the session has taken place, as I feel they’re a positive additional aid to the client’s personal development.

In this post, Matt talks about our introduction and in part two, he reproduces the notes which I sent him containing a detailed dream interpretation.

Inner Simplicity with Empathic Guidance

by Matthew Fry

For anyone who has joined me on this awesome adventure of awakening and has been following my journey thus far, you would have been aware that in January, around the time I celebrated my 24th birthday, I wrote a post titled “Infinite Possibilities” exploring the idea that there might be someone within my amazing social network whom would like to coach, guide or mentor me. The response to that post was astounding and I am deeply humbled that so many people came forward showing interest. One of those incredible people was Sharon Simpson “The Empathic Guide” and WOW, to say that Sharon has been a blessing in my life is a massive understatement…

As Sharon writes on her Twitter bio: “Empathic Guidance creates empathy and equality in our lives through increased self- and other-awareness. Join me and help to make our world a better place.”

Could a greater miracle take place than for us to look through each other’s eyes for an instant?
~ Henry David Thoreau

In my first chat with Sharon I experienced the great miracle that Thoreau proposed. We seemingly picked up from where we had left off in some other lifetime, because the openness, sharing and deep sense of connection was so profound it truly felt to me as though we had known each other for a very, very long time. There was a high level of resonance and intuitive intimacy between us as well as a recognition of many parallels between our lives and awakening experiences which allowed for an exciting and thoroughly enjoyable unfolding. As our conversation came to a close I will never forget the Skype call-time clocking in at 44:44 – a synchronistic shout-out from the universe that there was something magical brewing. I was ecstatic when Sharon shared her mutual delight and recounted her own experiences with number sequences, at which point we both felt the tickling shiver that comes with goosebumps – or godbumps as I like to call them hehe – another awesome confirmation that we were at the right place at the right time. I came away from our first conversation literally bouncing around the house bursting with energy and enthusiasm. In an email the next day Sharon pointed me to a wonderful post she had written about number sequences, adding that:

“444 can relate to mastery and empowerment and there’s also this explanation by Doreen Virtue:

444 — Thousands of angels surround you at this moment, loving and supporting you. You have a very strong and clear connection with the angelic realm, and are an Earth angel yourself. You have nothing to fear—all is well.”

And so with universal blessings, we adventured on together, holding hands in the heart, setting out on a deep and wonderful healing voyage of discovery for which I am eternally grateful…

Empathic Guidance is a unique intuitive healing approach which can transform your life and empower you, leading to lasting positive change. As an empath, Sharon is very sensitive to energy, giving her the ability to intuit thoughts and feelings, and allowing her to fully experience, support and understand each person she works with. When she works with you, she tunes into your energy directly and guides you using the empathic feelings and thoughts which arise from the connection.

My first empathic guidance session with Sharon was in early February. During our previous connection Sharon had asked me whether I dreamed, to which I responded that I do dream, but not very often, and that I hardly ever remember my dreams upon waking. She then assured me that after becoming conscious of this and discussing dreams with her, it was highly likely that I would now begin to remember my dreams. The seed was planted in my consciousness and it was a prophetic moment; ever since I have been waking up each morning remembering many more details about my dreams and on one occasion, still half-asleep, I tapped in a dream-stream of ‘unconsciousness’ saving it as a note on my phone. Unbeknownst to me at the time, that dream was going to form the basis of our first session. Sharon is a phenomenal dream interpreter, just one of the many gifts that she has to share, and after a thorough and inspiring dialogue I had uncovered many aspects of myself and was able to elevate my awareness and to shine light into some areas of darkness, recognizing imbalances in my energy field, discovering much about my psyche, meeting some inner orphans who want to be loved and given a chance to grow up, as well as many other personal insights and awakenings, which I hadn’t previously been aware of – it was incredibly liberating to explore my dream with such an aware and empowering guiding light. A few days later I was completely in awe when the notes from our session arrived in my inbox. I’m going to share those notes with you now because I feel they serve several important purposes: one, I am able to reveal what an amazing guide Sharon is! two – it presents me with an opportunity to be totally authentic and share some deeper aspects of my self, my psyche, and other awarenesses and personal revelations 🙂 and also, someone else reading this post might have had similar life experiences and thus, the healing potential in sharing the notes I feel is quite profound ♡

So, let me introduce you to Sharon, the brilliant, the fabulous, the very insightful Empathic Guide….

Part two tomorrow


Talkin’ Bout A Revolution – a prediction for 2011 and beyond

December 23, 2010

Don’t you know they’re talkin’ bout a revolution
It sounds like a whisper

While they’re standing in the welfare lines
Crying at the doorsteps of those armies of salvation
Wasting time in unemployment lines
Sitting around waiting for a promotion

Poor people are gonna rise up
And get their share
Poor people are gonna rise up
And take what’s theirs

Don’t you know you better run
Oh I said you better run

Finally the tables are starting to turn
Talkin’ bout a revolution

(Tracey Chapman)

Back in July, I wrote an article about my friend G who was the victim of a dreadful road accident. Thankfully she has now almost fully recovered physically – though she is still dealing with the emotional and psychological repercussions – but there is one rather spooky aspect to this which I didn’t mention in my original piece. For several months prior to this accident, I saw the expression ’thrown under a bus’ everywhere – so often that I was struck by how unusual it was, particularly as it wasn’t really an expression I was familiar with. I also began to become rather unnerved by it, worrying that maybe someone I knew was going to end up under a bus, and that it was some kind of warning – but as I didn’t know who this person was, there wasn’t really much I could do about it. So I put the thought out of my head and chalked it up to a vivid imagination….

Of course, the rest is history, so you can imagine my consternation when I more recently started seeing references to decapitation/beheading everywhere. At first I was extremely alarmed, particularly as the previous event had demonstrated to me that I was unable to actually do anything about it. However I then began to get a strong intuitive feeling that this wasn’t about an individual but was a prediction relating to events on a national level. Politically, the UK is going through a turbulent time, and I felt that my ‘decapitation’ prediction perhaps related to a potential revolution (similar to the one in 18th century France, though hopefully minus the guillotine), with the less well off members of our society finally being jolted out of their passivity and rising up against the complacent rich, who seem hell bent on taking as much as they can of the world’s resources for themselves, at the expense of everyone else.

Despite the violent and daunting implications of revolution, I really hoped that my feeling that this could be a national rather than a personal prediction was correct – not least because it’s about time we stood up for ourselves – and was therefore heartened when I read the result of my energy scan which I ordered from Gehenna of Beyond Within. I often contact Gehenna for an energy scan, as like most empaths and intuitives, I sometimes find it hard to read my own energy clearly and pinpoint any blocks etc, particularly if external energies have been somewhat overwhelming. Gehenna always helps me to clarify these issues and I would highly recommend her service.

As always, Gehenna’s reading for me was spot on – and I felt the hairs stand up on the back of my neck when I read these words:

“Only other thing I get is a sense of worry/anxiety around your third eye. You feel a sense of foreboding that isn’t personal, but more of a world thing and it is bothering you as you’ve never been one who bothers much with Doom.”

Gehenna described exactly what I’d been feeling – that  sense of foreboding relating to  people on a wider scale is indeed new to me as previous intuitive feelings have been on a more personal or individual level. I do believe that we are in for a rough ride over the next decade or so and that things are going to get  extremely tough for a lot of people – but I also believe that the outcome of all this will ultimately be a positive one.

I received this reading on November 30th, a day or so after I requested it, and a couple of months after I began to have the ‘revolution’ thoughts. And then, of course, nine days later this happened (accompanied by cries of  ‘Off with their heads’):

(For more on this see:

The other word which was prevalent for me over this same period of time – and again, not a word which had regularly appeared in my environment prior to this –  was ‘meltdown’. My feeling about this, then, and my prediction for the next decade is that nationally – and maybe even globally – we are heading for a meltdown and a revolution – with the masses finally rising up against the super-rich as the current austerity drive affects more  and more people – will be the outcome. One thing’s for sure – we’re heading for some enormous changes over the next decade, after which nothing will ever be the same again. Scary, yes – but also much needed if we want to create a more equal and empathic society. Vive la revolution!


The magical world of dreams

June 16, 2009


I’ve always been interested in dreams and their deeper meanings and over the last decade have spent some time studying dream analysis in more depth. Dreams are a great way of gaining insight into the workings of your unconscious and analysing them can be tremendously useful in the process of emotional healing. Some people are convinced that they never dream, but I’ve often found that following a discussion about dreamwork, the ‘non-dreamers’ will excitedly report back to me soon after that they’ve spontaneously started to recall them. Here, then, is a brief glimpse into the mysterious and magical world of dreams…

Dream Symbols

Some dream symbols are archetypal which means that they represent similar things for everyone. For example, water usually represents emotions. If you dream of being caught up in a tidal wave or a flood, you are probably feeling emotionally overwhelmed, whereas if you dream you are bathing in a tranquil lake you are probably feeling emotionally balanced. Houses represent your inner self and different floors represent different parts of your psyche. Cars, on the other hand, represent your life – what state is the car in? Is it functioning properly? And perhaps most importantly – who is in the driving seat?

However, some dream symbols differ from person to person, which is why many of those dream dictionaries can be fairly useless. I love cats, so if I dream of one, then this is probably a positive symbol for me. For someone who thinks that cats are the work of the devil, however, it would probably represent something entirely different. You may also find that characters from your waking life represent different aspects of your psyche in your dream world. For instance, I often have dreams which star my daughter, my mother and myself, representing the child, parent and adult aspects of my inner self.

If you’re interested in learning more about dream symbolism, then the following books are worth a look: Giant Book of Dreams by Pierre Daco, Dictionary for Dreamers (Language of the Unconscious, Vol 1) by Tom Chetwynd and Dream Dictionary: An A to Z Guide to Understanding Your Unconscious Mind by Tony Crisp.

Animus/anima Dreams

Jung developed a theory that each of us has both masculine and feminine components of the psyche. For the male, the feminine component is the anima, while for the female, the masculine component. In waking life, the anima/animus can be projected on to someone who represents the aspects of our opposite self which we unconsciously feel are lacking within us. For example, a very masculine man may be attracted to a very feminine woman, simply because she psychologically represents those parts of him which he refuses to acknowledge within himself.

We can learn more about our animus/anima – how healthy this aspect of ourselves is, which in turn affects how we relate to the opposite sex – through the recurring male/female characters which appear in our dreams. The way you relate to these animus/anima representatives in your dream world will tell you a lot about how much you have assimilated these aspects of yourself into your waking life. I have a number of different positive animus representatives starring in my night time reveries. One is a former classmate of mine who I always admired for his authenticity and originality – had I been born a boy, he is the type of boy I would have liked to have been. Another is Jack White (of the White Stripes) who started turning up in my dreams a few years ago when I rediscovered my creativity. I admire him for his dedication to his craft, his discipline and his ability to vividly and accurately portray his emotions through his work, all qualities which I myself aspire to in my own creative expression. .

(This is an extremely brief and basic summary of this theory, for the purpose of this particular blog. I will go into this in more depth in a future blog, as knowledge of how the animus/anima work can be a useful tool in improving our most intimate relationships.)

Lucid Dreams

These are dreams where you are aware you are dreaming and are therefore able to manipulate the events occurring in the dream. This can be a useful way of dealing with difficult situations in your waking life which may have been having an emotional impact on you. For example, a close friend has had some issues recently which have been beyond his control and very frustrating for him. I know that it will ultimately work out okay for him but I also understand why he feels so overwhelmed by his circumstances. My desire to reassure him of this is evident in this particular dream:

The two of us were travelling in his car up a very steep and winding road. Suddenly the road became so steep it actually began to bend back on itself (similar to a corkscrew rollercoaster). My friend began to panic as he realised he couldn’t hold the car on the road any more but just as we both thought that it probably wasn’t going to end well, I turned to him and said ‘No, it’s fine, this isn’t real, it’s just a dream’ – and quick as a flash, we were no longer in the car, but instead were sitting outside a coffee shop, relaxing in the sun with a cappuccino, with me smiling at him saying ‘See? I told you it was just a dream.’

Lucid dreams can also help you deal with recurring dreams. Recurring dreams usually represent a longstanding emotional issue which you have been unable to resolve in your conscious mind. By taking control of the dream, you can change the outcome and consequently heal the emotional wound. I had a recurring dream for many years about being back at school – a time I associate with great unhappiness – but these eventually stopped after I was able to take charge of the dream one night and place myself in the role of willing and able teacher instead of  confused and discontented pupil.

Prophetic Dreams

As you become more in tune with your inner guidance, you may find yourself having dreams which predict future events or give you some insight into what’s occurring in the lives of people around you. Prophetic dreams are real favourites of mine – it’s always a little spooky but very exciting when I have one. Here are some examples:

My friend Tom was bemoaning his lack of funds to me on the phone one evening. I jokingly said that I would manifest him some cash. That night I dreamed that I was given two cheques – one for £500 and one for £125. I told him about my dream – and a few days later he sent me a text saying that his grandparents had unexpectedly sent him a cheque for £500. And the £125? Within a week of the dream, I received a rebate cheque for exactly that amount…

Another friend of mine is in an on-off relationship with a man I have very bad vibes about. On more than one occasion when this relationship has been ‘off’ for a while – and she’s sworn that she’ll never get back with him – I’ve dreamed that she’s taken him back on the very day it has actually happened. Once I text her to tell her about the dream, only to have her text back to me ‘OMG, here’s sitting here next to me right now!’ It was the first time she’d seen him in two months.

The most recent prophetic dream was about another friend, who I’ll call Louise. Louise had been offered a place at a public school, similar to a local all-girls school, except there were boys there too. I went with her to look around and was very impressed but she seemed too scared to stay there on her own. However, I felt that it would be beneficial for her to stay so I tried to sneak away when she wasn’t looking. The dream ended with me driving away with Louise chasing after me, screaming for me to come back. This was a very vivid dream and struck me as a tad bizarre, so I mentioned it to Louise in one of our e-mails. The next time I saw her, she told me that it wasn’t as strange as I thought as she actually was ‘going back to school’ – she’s applied for a place at college – and the only thing making her feel somewhat reticent was the thought of having to go there on her own…

Prophetic dreams are not always just about the people closest to you. It’s also possible to tune into the collective unconscious, or ‘universal energy’. I dreamed one night that my partner and I were being attacked by two young boys with bricks and knives – the next day the story broke about two boys aged 10 and 11, who had been charged with attempted murder after attacking two other boys with bricks and knives. And on a lighter note, I had a rather disturbing dream about Jeremy Clarkson  dancing around in a yellow lycra bodysuit(!), singing ‘Can’t take my eyes off you’ – later that day, it was revealed that in his inimitable fashion, he’d called Gordon Brown a ‘one-eyed Scottish idiot’.

I hope this brief look at dreams has inspired you to consider your own dreamscapes and symbols. If you’re interested in exploring them some more but find that the details elude you the following day, try keeping a notebook and pen by your bed and jotting them down as soon as you wake. You can also contact me via my website for a one-to-one session to analyse any significant dreams you may have. (currently unavailable)

Sweet dreams!:)


The rainbow of your life

May 29, 2009

Don’t have a cent

When’ll I pay my rent?

And even my car doesn’t work

Me and my man, he’s the one to die for –

We have split up…


Can’t you see, life’s easy

If you consider things

From another point of view

In another way, from another point of view.


I see life and light

All the colours of the world

So beautiful – won’t you come with me?

I see birds and trees

All the flowers of the world

So beautiful – won’t you come with me?


When this song was released in 2002, it was very significant for me as I’d just discovered the benefits of ‘reframing’ – looking at events in my past and present from another perspective, or as the song says, “from another point of view”.  I still find this tune uplifting – I love the way it conveys the joy of being fully ‘awake’, no longer dragged down by petty worldly concerns, but instead buoyed up by the natural beauty around us.

Before I woke up and changed my perspective on life, I was inwardly focussed in the way that all unhappy and empty people are.  The internal brooding of an imbalanced individual is nothing like the  self-aware inner contemplation  of the holistically healthy.  Insecurity makes us very self-absorbed and negatively introspective  – the external world is only of  interest to our ego and all of our energy is used up trying to survive beyond the existential despair we feel. There’s very little of us left to appreciate a fabulous sunset or a breathtaking view. Now I’m much more content and balanced, I can’t get enough of ‘the colours of the world’. I love nothing more than to be out in the countryside on a fabulous sunny day – ‘life and light’ – and my heart soars when I’m surrounded by brilliant blue sky and lush green fields – ‘so beautiful’.

The other day I was enjoying the colours of my garden and noticed that there’s an abundance of yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet and white – but no red or orange. This got me thinking about the chakras and I wondered if my garden – which has been left to its own devices this year, a kind of ‘cultivated wildness’ – was maybe giving me a message about which chakras I still need to work on. 🙂 It also started me thinking about the significance of colour in our lives and why we’re drawn to certain colours at certain stages of our lives. So here’s my own particular rainbow and a brief description of what these colours mean to me.

Red – the colour of the first chakra, it’s perhaps not surprising that this was my favourite colour as a girl, as I struggled to feel secure in my surroundings. This is also one of the colours in my bedroom, along with gold and green, and these represent my desires for my most intimate relationship – red for earthiness and passion, green for love and affection (heart chakra) and gold for spiritual connection (crown chakra).

Black – a non-colour, this is often a favourite of adolescents, as wearing black means we can hide in the shadows and become invisible. It also represents our shadow or dark side and as it’s the colour of mourning, could also represent grief at the loss of our authentic self. In more recent years, this is a colour I’ve naturally gravitated towards during difficult times.

Green – this colour can represent personal development, and it was my favourite when I went through a particularly intense growth period – a time when I was also feeling lonely and lacked affection in my life. I even painted my bedroom this colour (not a wise move – the green reflecting on my skin made me look horribly ill every time I looked in the mirror).

Orange – the colour of the sacral chakra. In 1995 I realised that I had been living my life according to other people’s values and decided it was time I started fulfilling my own needs and desires. That year I wore an orange shirt for the first time – and I wore it a lot.

Blue – still a favourite of mine, the colour of creativity and communication. I also associate blue with water, and symbolically water represents the emotions. My kitchen – where most of my conversations with my friends take place and where I love to sing – is blue, as is my bathroom. In my previous house, I painted the bathroom marine blue, symbolic perhaps of washing away negative feelings and finding my true voice. I love to wear blue now and also recently bought a beautiful blue shirt for my partner for his birthday – the colour really brings out the blue in his eyes, but perhaps I was also delivering a subconscious message about the importance of communication for me in my most intimate relationships…

Pink – I used to avoid this colour like the plague, with all its associations with good little girls who know their place, but now it’s one of my favourites. In my last house, I painted my office raspberry ripple pink, symbolic of my opening heart chakra as I poured my heart out into my work. I also have a vast selection of pink tops, perhaps a reflection of my acceptance of the positive aspects of my feminine side.

What colours make up the rainbow of your life?

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